Friday, May 29, 2009


Why is everyone afraid to have one
they can be great if you find the right person
i hate being single i love relationships
wish guys weren't players they suck!
dont get me wrong im in love with my life
but regardless i want to find a good guy,
that will make my great life even better
love is a great feeling (:
hopefully when i move to l.a,
i find a great guy who will make everything brighter

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Some friendships you will always have.

Some friendships you wish you still had.

Some friendships are more like family.

they all change your life.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Day's Pass By...

Lately life cant get any better not everyday is perfect but pretty damn close.

My friends are great i loveee hanging out with them we always have a great time (:

I have been talking to new people nd stuff and its been pretty cool haha

School isn't going very well but im trying my best so thats all that matters

i get my license like next week im soooo hyped!!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Santa Barbara

These past two weekends have been soooooo much fun meeting new people just living.

im gonna go every weekend haha

today is chris's burrrrday hes 20 now hes a big boy haha jay kayyyyyyy hahaha

i should probably go to sleep tiredddd after the looong weekend

love the beach wanna move there sometime

freebirds is bomb ever go to santa barbara go to isla vista and go there haha

well life is greattt love my family and friends

and eff beezzyys haha

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

allllll me

im only one person and i have learned my lesson if you dont like me for who i am im not gonna change for you im all real and if you dont like it blow me.

Today amanda came over and we went swimming and worked out im gonna work out alot more now so i can look good hahaha

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Starting Over.

Soo im moving back in with my dad tomorrow i guess i hope all goes well with that one.
We have our differences but regardless i love him.
I do have a boyfriend and im really happy with how this is going and praying i dont get hurt.
Gonna start school again at PSHS and i hope that goes ok bitches better not test me haha.
Hopefully gonna get a job.
Can't wait to get my license me and my babe are gonna go to six flags cause ive never been on a rollercoaster :)
I have been listening to beyonces new song halo its sooooo good haha
watched the grammys today really good :)

me and danny got in an argument about some girl but its whatever im still happy with him.
its sooooo windy and the house is making crazy noises and freakin me and madison out!!!!
im happy with what direction my life is going.
i will never forget where ive been.

i never knew you but i will always love you.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Im glad you never loved me.

Today my ex told me he didn't know if he ever loved me what a slap in the face. He is all over the place with me whenever we hangout he is the sweetest guy ever saying he is sorry for how it ended and that he loves me and all this dumb shit and i always fall back in his arms I'm stupid and then the next day doesn't even talk to me what kind of crap is that he has changed so much he is such a player and definitely not the guy that i fell in love with but its so hard for me to let go i just wish things were different in a way i wish i never met him cause i feel like a year of my life was a waste and a lie guys are so typical when the going get tough they back out its fucking ridiculous i feel in love with someone who was fake and the real him is a selfish inconsiderate asshole i always pick the keepers i wish there was a start over button or undo life would be so much easier and less stressful if guys weren't so typical and cared more about what other people think i wish i could meet one guy who wasn't like all the others and guys be more considerate you may find someone who actually gives a shit about you and not there just to get some.
there all the same.